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PerformID delivers frictionless card-linked shopping for leading financial institutions. Our world-first fintech solution unifies customer loyalty with near real time financial rewards.

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Near Instant Rewards

The world's fastest affiliate rewards platform. On average PerformID issue customer rewards in less than a week.

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Merchant Partnerships

PerformID manage all offer sourcing, funding, merchant relations, negotiations and invoicing.

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Offer Personalisation

PerformID can target premium customers with relevant bespoke offers.

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What makes us different

Improved Cardlinked Tracking

Improved Cardlinked Tracking

Traditional card-linking methods are fast becoming outdated. The demands of the modern merchant dictate that our industry need to meet product level requirements or commission premium or new customers with higher offers. Tracking and attribution are key to measurement in the digital era.

Near-real time Customer Rewards

Near-real time Customer Rewards

Industry standard is 60 - 90 days. Customers can now enjoy their rewards within a matter of minutes. We keep them updated at every step of the way through live notifications. This enables the customer to shop in confidence and keeps them engaged with their favorite payment method.

A New Loyalty Offering

Financial services have never before been able to connect with users in a more meaningful and personalised way and merchants have never worked with financial partners with such ease. A win for all involved, with customer satisfaction at the core.

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